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Sudbury Region students have been hard at work completing and developing the presentation materials for their science fair projects over the past months.  Those projects recognized for their excellence in science have been selected and the best of the best are now on display at the Sudbury Regional Science Fair Project:Board site. 

The most exciting thing about hosting a virtual fair in 2021 is that it makes it easier than ever for students, teachers, family members and members of the public to see the amazing science our students are doing.  Check out all the projects here!

As the 2021 Canada-Wide Science Fair hosted by Youth Sciences Canada is also a virtual fair, you also get the rare opportunity to review all the best projects nationwide.  Register today to access all the projects, participate in the STEM Expo, view inspiring CWSF-TV video content and access awesome student and teacher science resources!  Start planning your virtual visit here!



Les étudiants de la région de Sudbury ont travaillé d'arrache-pied pour compléter et développer le matériel de présentation de leurs projets d'expo-sciences au cours des derniers mois. Les projets reconnus pour leur excellence scientifique ont été sélectionnés et les meilleurs des meilleurs sont maintenant exposés à l'Expo-sciences régionale de Sudbury site du Project:Board.

La chose la plus excitante à propos de l'organisation d'une foire virtuelle en 2021 est que cela permet plus que jamais aux étudiants, aux enseignants, aux membres de la famille et aux membres du public de voir l'incroyable science que font nos étudiants. Découvrez tous les projets ici!

Étant donné que l'Expo-sciences pancanadienne 2021 organisée par Sciences de la jeunesse Canada est également une foire virtuelle, vous avez également l'occasion rare de passer en revue tous les meilleurs projets à l'échelle nationale. Inscrivez-vous dès aujourd'hui pour accéder à tous les projets, participer à l'exposition STEM, visionner le contenu vidéo inspirant de l'ESPC-TV et accéder à des ressources scientifiques impressionnantes pour les étudiants et les enseignants! Commencez à planifier votre visite virtuelle ici!


TEACHERS!!! Get your hands on the HOTTEST collection of Science Fair Project resources available on one disc - for free!

Mr. Matthew Carroll and Dr. Simon McMillan have assembled an amazing collection of science fair resources to assist you in promoting well-developed projects from your students.

Copies have been distributed to the SCDSB and to Rainbow board for distribution to intermediate elementary teachers. If you are a teacher in the Sudbury area, have not received a copy, and would like a free copy sent to you directly, please email Mr. Chris Polischuk at registration@srsf.ca. Please include your full name and the school you’d like it sent to.

Below is a list of the DVD contents:

For Students

  • Check out SMARTS (a science social network for youth)
  • Example Back Boards
    • Magnetic linear accelerator
    • Hero High-Speed Driver Deterrent
  • Reporting from the Science Fair
    • Experiences at the 2004 CWSF
    • Experiences at the 2010 CWSF (Colin)
    • Slide Show from 2009 CWSF
    • Northern Life at SRSF
    • News stories from the international fair
    • RealityExpo video
  • Scientific Method videos
  • Supporting materials
    • Project Template
    • Science Success workbook
    • Scientific method worksheet
  • Training Videos – Nova Scotia YES
  • Training videos - SRSF (with real participants)
    • Also: Graphing in Excel video

For Teachers

  • Forms
    • Sample permission for content form
  • Lesson PowerPoints
    • BASEF presentation
    • Producing a Science Fair Project (ARPS 09)
  • Professional Resources
    • Science Success Teacher Guide
    • Sci-Tech Ontario – Real Science
  • Sample evaluation, timeline, project template
    • Rubrics
    • Sample Timeline
    • Project Template (copy in student folder as well)
  • SmartBoard Games
    • Are you smarter than?
    • Jeopardy


As a virtual fair in 2021, the Sudbury Regional Science Fair timelines will be extended with judging and public viewing of projects occurring between March 15th and April 10th.  A virtual awards ceremony will occur on April 18th, 2021 @ 7 PM.


The Sudbury Regional Science Fair will be held virtually this year on the ProjectBoard platform.  Check back here after March 15th for a link to the city's best projects that qualified for the SRSF!


Any student registered in grades 7 – 12, and is under age 21.


The SRSF is a great place to showcase your knowledge in science! You will have the opportunity to meet other students and people from the Sudbury community who are interested in science and technology. You could also win the chance to travel to the national competition, the Canada Wide Science Fair.


Projects Involving Humans and/or Animals.  The Canada Wide Science Fair has very clear policies on the use of humans and animals in science fair projects.  BEFORE any student embarks on a project involving humans and/or animals, they must visit the Youth Science Canada website and read the policies under the ethics section that pertain to their proposed project.  No project will be eligible to advance to the Canada Wide Science Fair unless all of the requirements of these policies are met.  (www.youthscience.ca/node/835).  If you have questions concerning the ethics policies, please do not hesitate to contact Chris Polischuk at poliscc@scdsb.edu.on.ca


BREAKING NEWS: 51st Sudbury Regional Science Fair will be held virtually in April 2021

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DERNIÈRES NOUVELLES: La 51e expo-sciences régionale de Sudbury se tiendra virtuellement en avril 2021

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